About RJR

Our Objective

At Real Journal Review (RJR), scholars who serve on the editorial boards of many of academia’s most esteemed journals are here to provide timely and constructive feedback to authors of academic papers before those authors actually submit their paper for formal review by a scholarly journal. Note that RJR does not provide English language editing services. Rather, it provides professional evaluation with respect to key variables regarding how publishable the manuscript is. Stated another way, we are less likely to raise questions of grammar than we are to raise questions about the extent to which the paper extends extant knowledge in the discipline.

Who we are

The RJR website is supported by the fees authors pay for the timely, secure, and constructive feedback they receive from the independent contractors who consult on submitted manuscripts. Authors receive one review written by one qualified (but forever anonymous) consultant. Authors use the RJR service to receive a professional appraisal of the publishability of a manuscript, and/or to obtain informed suggestions for improvement and revision. However, it is understood and agreed by the author that such use of the manuscript evaluation and feedback process does not and cannot be construed as a guarantee that the manuscript will be published by any journal it is submitted to, even if all the consultant’s recommendations for revision, if any, are dutifully made by the author. In sum, and stated plainly, for every client, RJR make its best effort to assist with informed feedback and guidance but in no way or manner represents itself to be a guarantor of authors’ publishing success.

Disciplines Covered

Currently, Real Journal Review selectively accepts manuscripts for review in the disciplines of psychology, consumer psychology, marketing and management. However, we are constantly expanding in terms of the disciplines we cover. If you are working on a scholarly article in another discipline and would like it reviewed by a scholar on the editorial board of a relevant journal, make inquiry by e-mail and we will try our best to accommodate you. Also, if you are reading this and happen to be a scholar who is on the editorial board of a scholarly journal in any currently covered or non-covered discipline, please consider sharing your expertise and further serving the academic community by becoming an RJR independent contractor. Kindly e-mail a cover letter of introduction expressing your interest in consulting, along with your curriculum vitae to: goldpalmsinc@aol.com

Upload your manuscript with confidence as RJR is managed and operated by highly ethical professionals who have your best interest at heart. RJR does not and will not share, sell, transfer, or otherwise transmit, convey, or in any manner disclose to any third parties any communications from you, nor anything at all about your manuscript or your research program. Needless to say, you retain all rights to your intellectual property at all times.

So now, are you ready to submit that article you’ve been working on to RJR for review?